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    A Different Kind of PoD Discussion

    So during the Parade of Dreams run I saw it many time from many locations along the parade route. One thing I noticed that the show stops didn't always seem to happen the same way, like sometimes if the parade was heading towards it's a small world the show stop would begin as the castle float would barely be getting into town square and sometimes the float was able to stop and go through it's music loop before the show stop started. All the floats had similar things like that even if I saw the show stop in the same place it wouldn't start the same way, musically and physically. I just think it's odd for as long as the parade ran they would have worked out getting the floats into the show stop to be the same each time.

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    Re: A Different Kind of PoD Discussion

    Interesting observation imagineerthat, and you are probably in a very small group who notice this, so good eye and ear. I'm not a expert on parades, so I do hope a parade CM enlightens us, but...

    I suspect it is exactly what you think, a timing issue. Add to that the cast members. Since the parades run many times a week, I would think you'd probably not have the same crew working each run, so the timing is always going to be approximate. In a parade that long, a stop of a show element that is 6 inches off at the beginning of the route could have a variance of many feet at the end or the route. Throw in the variances that can occur with the dancing and walking elements, and keeping anything but an approximate timing becomes even more challenging.

    I'd bet if you had a aerial video of every parade run, you'd see timing differences in each one of them.

    Just my 2 cents.

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