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    Strategies to save time in line

    I take my two young daughters to Disneyland frequently, and after standing in the same lines time and time again here are some minor time-saving hints I've come up with. I just hate standing in lines, so for me every time-saver trip is a good tip! I'm curious if other Mice-chatters have different, or better strategies.

    1. Matterhorn - Early in the day (I'd say first two hours) the quere beginning over by Alice and Wonderland is always much shorter than the queue starting over by the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Lagoon. I'd say 50% shorter some days. However, later in the day (or when only one queue is being used due to parades) the left queue is typically shorter as you don't have to compete with guests using the handicap entrance, which competes with the right side queue).

    2. Its a Small World - The queue that begins on the right and ends at the far platform is usually shorter. Moreover, the handicap loading for this ride competes with the left/near queue, so the right side usually moves quicker.

    3. Jungle Cruise - The queue towards the left (close to the water) is a bit shorter, and you never end up having to sit on the center seats (but then again you are always on the left side of the boat).

    4. Pirates of the Carribean - The queue that heads off to the right side of the courtyeard and enters the main doors through the right is a tad bit shorter.

    5. Autopia - Always wait until 3 or 4 lanes are being used before riding (even with a Fastpass). Often only 1 of the 2 lanes on the right (or near) staircase are being used. Check for this and always veer to the left (or far) stairway if only one lane is open as the far line then moves twice as fast.

    6. Big Thunder Railroad - The handicap entrance for this ride competes with the trains that load from the right side of the dock (or staircase). When guests with handicap passes are waiting, CMs typically save three rows of each train the loads on the right. Often there isn't a choice of which line to join on this ride, but if there is head to the left.

    7. Casey Junior Circus Train - I only take my kids on this ride if two trains are in operation, as it cuts the waiting time down by 50%. This is usually on busy days.

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    Re: Strategies to save time in line

    I'm usually not the spelling police; however, on item 1 I'm pretty sure you meant "the queue beginning"

    I've noticed handicapped loading on both sides of BTMRR, I guess it depends on the day/time or perhaps wait times.

    My biggest time saving strategy is utilizing the fast pass system efficiently (at least for my likes). Usually that means walking all over the place, which I don't think little ones would like; however, in the end I feel like I've accomplished much more in my day (not to mention it helps burn off the extra calories Disneyland usually entails )

    For the usually long wait rides (Indy, HMH, Space Mountain, etc.) I try to hit those in the early morning before the larger afternoon crowds.
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    Re: Strategies to save time in line

    Get to the park at opening when crowds are minimal and you can maximize your ride times, number of rides, and number of times riding the same ride.

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    Re: Strategies to save time in line

    For anyone interested, another way to enjoy the park without a ton of wait time is to ride Space Mountain before noon. It gets very crowded around 12:00, but before the wait time is usually always 30 minutes or less if you go early on in the day.
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    Re: Strategies to save time in line

    My strategy is to ride Pooh and Small World.

    Then find a bench to people watch.

    If I'm feeling saucy, I meander over to Swiss Family Robinson tree house and gaze upon the land.

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    Re: Strategies to save time in line

    Lines for PotC are heaviest in the afternoon. They are usually reasonable in the morning and get very short in the evening, though between about 8:00pm and 10:00pm you have to negotiate your way through the crowds for Fantasmic.

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    Re: Strategies to save time in line

    Take the Monorail into Disneyland. You enter the park and have one attraction checked off your list. Then it leaves you in the center of attractions central, just a short walk away from SM, Matterhorn, BLAB, Captain EO, Autopia, and Nemo, instead of having to walk to these attractions from the Main Entrance. Then the hard part is to choose wisely.

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