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    Idea For Making Adventureland Expansion Possible

    Adventureland is the land with the most expansion potential ideawise, in my opinion, but sadly is in a location that makes such expansions difficult. My idea is for a method of expanding Adventureland (which would also remove the much-despised Tarzan's Treehouse attraction-a wise move, as Tarzan is not really raking in any money for Disney anymore and the attraction is particularly uninteresting). My idea is simple-remove the Tarzan theming from Tarzan's Treehouse, making it into a more generic treehouse. Now expand the treehouse network massively so that it allows access to a new subland behind Frontierland, Deep Adventureland. Add some lore about the trive that created the treehouse network, and possibly work it into the new attractions in Deep Adventureland.

    I acknowledge that my plan is rather vague and requires more elaboration to be truly useful but I think that it is a good way of expanding Adventureland to contain new imaginative attractions.
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    Re: Idea For Making Adventureland Expansion Possible

    The treehouse is despised? Since when? I like the idea of expanding Adventureland, the land has a lot of potential, It's just very difficult to do so in Disneyland. The treehouse network idea is rather interesting... but it seems more reminiscent of James Cameron's Avatar, as Adventureland could use a variation of exploration and adventure from other countries since it is pretty much a jungle right now. I have to though not approve of the idea of putting it behind Frontierland... I don't see how it's feasible to do that.
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    Re: Idea For Making Adventureland Expansion Possible

    I don't understand how a treehouse would give access to "behind Frontierland", wherever that is - is that north of BTMRR?

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    Re: Idea For Making Adventureland Expansion Possible

    You could use the Tree house as Q then use the Aladdin area/some of the back stage jungle for a ride

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