Hey first of all if this is in the wrong section I apologize

I just had a few questions for the cast members or anyone else who could help. I have an interview coming up for the DLR and was wondering what to expect? I applied back a few months ago and was surprised when they emailed me a few days ago for the web interview.

Thankfully I passed the online interview and now the face to face is making me a bit nervous. Is it a group interview? What kind of questions should I expect?

I applied for part-time food cart cashier, but would they still let me know about other open positions? Lastly, I am freshman in college, so would my availability hurt my chances? I can work any hours on weekends but weekdays Im only available after 3pm or 6pm depending on the day...

Sorry for the number of questions but Im extremely nervous about this and am really hoping to get this job (I need it desperately). Ive been applying for part-time jobs for the past 2 years and have had no luck until Disneyland Resort contacted me.

Thanks in advance!!