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    Tiki Room Renovation

    So last time I was in the Tiki Room I was thinking that it was up for a renovation. Now, before anyone says anything about the evil Florida version (which is not good) I'm talking about a technical renovation only. I know over the last couple years they've added some LED lighting to the outside and the enchanted fountain but other than that, the Tiki room hasn't been technically updated I feel like in a long time.

    I think for one they should at least update the AAs for Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz. It would be really cool if they actually looked like they were sleeping for before the show and then woke up, or just had any more motions of movement then they do now. Other things like the thunder/rain could also use updating (minor lighting upgrades). Also, and this is something I noticed last two times I was in there, the sound needs a definite upgrade. There are parts during the show that the current sounds keeps you from hearing parts of the script because the music/AA clapping noises are too loud! This and various other things..

    Anyone else agree and do you think Disney would ever do such a thing, since it would be a large investment without much new in the park?

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    Re: Tiki Room Renovation

    While I agree that it would be nice if they did some minor adjustments with the overall show elements, I feel like any drastic changes to the animatronic birds are unneeded. I know that part of the reason I enjoy the attraction so much is the sense of history that I feel while watching it. Seeing how these were(I believe) the first animatronics in Disneyland I really appreciate how far the technology has come and how still very effective the older models are still today. I would really be disappointed if they updated them simply for sake of updating them

    In other words: Make the lightning brighter, leave the birds alone.
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    Re: Tiki Room Renovation

    What the AA's need is upgraded compliance so the birds talking doesn't sound like clicking. Or they could pad the inside of the beaks or something.

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    Re: Tiki Room Renovation

    you're going to get noises like that from audio animatronics. It's kind of uneeded and if you can find a mechanism that would stop that, it would wear out really quickly anyway. The more complex you make an animatronic, the more it will break. It's just the law of the land. Very good idea though.
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