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Thread: ElecTRONica?

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    I'm heading out to DCA in a few weeks mainly to check out the Electronica set now placed within the park. Now I know that there is a lot of bickering over its similarity to "the glow" that it replaced, but I never attended that either! Will I be impressed? What are your thoughts?
    Keep in mind, I am an avid Tron fanatic! I love the first movie and can't wait to reach my inner nerd by attending this!

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    Re: ElecTRONica?

    ElecTRONica is NOTHING like glofest and as a Tron fan you will love this. Just be ready to dance the night away! And if you need to check out some videos, just click on my youtube link below.
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    Re: ElecTRONica?

    As a Tron fan, you're likely to lose your mind when you see this in person, once the sun goes down. I took some video myself which I hopefully will have the time to cut together soon. If the mere presence and existence of Flynn's Arcade doesn't do it for you, nothing will.
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    Re: ElecTRONica?

    and the TRON sneak peak will blow you away too.
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    Re: ElecTRONica?

    Agreeing with everyone, if you are a TRON fan than you will like this. Heck even if your not a TRON fan I still feel its an awesome experience, the sneak peak of the movie is awesome, laser man and the dancing was great and seriously you can't go wrong with Flynn's Arcade
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    Re: ElecTRONica?

    Coming from someone who has never seen Tron and experiencing it for the first time last night, ElecTRONica is awesome. It's 100 times better than GlowFest.

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