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    Re: No love for the Golden Gate Bridge?

    I hadn't heard the "pop-up postcard" idea, but yeah, that fits. I liked it, whatever it was supposed to be. I will miss the bridge, and the murals, and the letters. I hope the new theming is worth it.
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    Re: No love for the Golden Gate Bridge?

    No, it was not to recreate a cheesy 3D pop up post card. The entrance was designed in a style of an old fashioned Post Card, which often had the name of the location in large letters across the front.

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    Re: No love for the Golden Gate Bridge?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flickering Bulb View Post
    When people think of the Golden Gate Bridge, they think of a giant, majestic feat of engineering. DCA's version, is not. It's tiny with no charm. The cables are droopy and the proportions are awkward. oh yay, and the monorail crosses through. I am GLAD it's leaving. if you're going to replicate the Golden Gate, do it right, don't make it look flimsy. It could be done right but i think they just chose the wrong location. when Vegas replicated the Eiffel Tower, it was actually done nicely. sure it's half the size, but it looks convincing, and it's still pretty tall once you go up there.

    The bridge at DCA NEVER made me excited about entering.
    My mom didn't even believe it was supposed to be the Golden Gate Bridge. The thought briefly crossed her mind, but she dismissed it because of the proportions. She didn't catch the postcard thing either. Makes me wonder how many people never caught on to the idea at all. I, for one, am happy to see it go.
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    Re: No love for the Golden Gate Bridge?

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