Growing up in a home where the words "We Can't Afford It" appears under the family crest, I hate to see anything that still looks good get thrown away. At DCA recently a lot of nice bits of Disney artwork are being removed during the parks make-over and I can't help wondering what will become of them. It's already been said that the entrance mural will never be seen again for health safety reasons. And someone here at MC mentioned that the gold star held by Califia from the Golden Dreams Theater mural might be a part of Ariels treasure in TLM attraction. But what about the sun from Sunshine Plaza? That thing was meant to last a few decades. Or the pizza loving tikis that stood outside the entrance to Pizza Oom Mow Mow. Not your typical enchanted tiki room type of tikis. I suppose those items could be relocated to the new resort being built in Hawaii or perhaps one of the hotels at WDW. And I wonder if that little burger with the rocket jets that was a part of the Burger Invation sign is sitting on a shelf in someone's cubical over at TDA. It wasn't much but it was one of a kind. My hope is that they and other works of Disney art are being placed in a warehouse until another home can be found for them where Disney guests can be in ahh or laugh at them again. Are there items being removed that you would like to see preserved elsewhere? Any thoughts on where they could go? And for the record, I'm not a "pack rat". I keep a clean home. Just don't open the closet door too fast.