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    New Orleans Square Lamppost Masks

    In one of Mint's updates, he posted these pictures:

    What fascinated me the most were the masks, and so after a while, I realized that I had a mask very similar to those found in the decorations in NOS!

    I inherited mine when some friends of my dad moved out of their residence and left him with the item. He gave it to me recently to use as part of my haunt decor and now it's sitting in my room.

    It's the same style of design with the fabric "points" flowering out from the face, with small gold bells at each tip. There are also some burgandy feathers at the base of the chin and more fabric down around the cheeks. Each "point" is embedded with some kind of wire or dense cardboard so you can roughly position them.

    The only real difference I can see between mine and NOS's is that mine has a wooden rod coming out of the bottom, much like a masquerade mask, so that you can hold it up to your face.

    So, my question is, who's the manufacturer? Did Disney comission their masks from the same company that made mine or [sarcasm] is mine a piece Disney didn't want and left it behind to be scooped up by someone? [/sarcasm]

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    Re: New Orleans Square Lamppost Masks

    They're called Venetian Masks as they were popularized by the Carnival held in Venice, Italy. Unfortunately, they are not rare and are made by a wide variety of manufacturers.

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