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    Exclusive AP screening of "Narnia" at DTD AMC- 12-8-05

    I don't know if anything has been posted about this yet, but I got this in my email and thought I would share:

    Might be a fun meet to organize- has anyone heard about this- sorry if it has already been posted- feel free to merge if it has.
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    Re: Exclusive AP screening of "Narnia" at DTD AMC- 12-8-05

    I just got an email about this. a weekday at 3:00pm...well most people who work will not be able to go. It's not like I'm going to take a day off to see a movie...LOL....if it were at 6 or 7 or a weekend it would make more sense to me, but I guess they want to attracy the kiddies, btu then again my child doesn't even get out of school until 3:30pm.

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    Re: Exclusive AP screening of "Narnia" at DTD AMC- 12-8-05

    ((Sorry, posted in wrong thread. :P If I was an AP I'd totally take off work and go, but I'm in the wrong state and not an AP, so, yeah. :P ))

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    Re: Exclusive AP screening of "Narnia" at DTD AMC- 12-8-05

    I have finals that week. So it's not likely.

    Plus, I live about block from Saddleback church, and I worry about always getting lumped in with good Christian folk. Not that they are bad, but I don't want to make them look bad. :P
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