We just got back two days ago from Disneyland. All of Critter Country is definitely closed - there is a big wooden gate right past Haunted Mansion. I know it's easy for us adults to snark about Pooh, but my youngest loves it and he was really upset - he cried. I was p*ssed they didn't list it so I could at least have prepared him - - I thought that was fairly disingenuous to not list it with the other closures. Saying the Explorer Canoes and Splash are down is not accurate - it's ALL down back there limiting real estate, rides, food, shopping. BUT..

The worst part of this off season visit was the project on Main Street. It was demoralizing! It was like walking through a 10' blue Human Habitrail.

We still had a blast because: Disneyland. But we're annual passholders and we were considering a trip on spring break in April and we decided against it until Critter Country is open.