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    Question about 4 day park hopper

    Tried searching for an answer and couldn't find anything, maybe I wasn't using right terms or whatever but I am going to Disneyland to get annual passes for my family in a couple weeks. When I am down there, my mom wants to go for a day, my dad wants to go for two days and my sister wants to go for one day. They are all going on different days with us due to work schedules and such. I was wondering if it is possible to buy a 4 day park hopper online and have each of them use it on the different days that they will go. Just wondering if this will work to save on money. Thanks.

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    Re: Question about 4 day park hopper

    Unforuntatly no. When you buy a park hopper, you buy it for one person, and one person only. Having more than one person use it is in violation of Disney's terms of service and rules when using the ticket.

    Since we here at MiceChat do not condone or approve of any violations of Disney's rules, and since it is against their rules to use a single ticket for multiple people, this thread will be closed to avoid any further discussion of the topic, per board policy. Thanks for your understanding.

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