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    Question World of Color Fastpass Question!

    I'm taking my best friend to Disneyland Resort for her birthday tomorrow. She's never seen WoC, and I promised her I'd take her.

    I have a question about WoC fast passes...
    Is there any way to order a picnic package and receive a fast pass for the 10:15PM showing? Her and I wanna see Believe... In Holiday Magic firework show, and I figured that if we have a fast pass for the 10:15 WoC show, we could run over to DCA right after the fireworks.

    In short -

    How do I obtain a 10:15 WoC fast pass with the picnic package, instead of the 9:00 show?


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    Re: World of Color Fastpass Question!

    You can do that in person as early as 11:30am at the Sonoma Terrace. The picnic boxes for the 9pm show must be purchased in advance online only. However, day-of picnic boxes are available and come with complementary fast passes for the 10:15pm show.

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    Re: World of Color Fastpass Question!

    First, welcome to the threads! Hope you like it here.

    Yea, pretty much what DLRlifer said. If you order online, you get the 9:00 show, and if you just go the day-of, you get the 10:15 show.

    And just as a little extra tip, my suggestion would be to watch the fireworks from far "back" on Main Street, like near the Christmas Tree, or on the Train Station, so you guys can make a quicker getaway from the hordes of crowds leaving.

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    Re: World of Color Fastpass Question!

    The fastpasses are given out (both at the fast pass machine and the picnic lunches) on a first come-first served basis. The 9:00 passes are distributed first. Upon running out of them, the passes for the next show are then distributed. You have no say about what you receive other than to hang around until the machines start distributing the 10:15 passes. I recently did the picnic option and was very disappointed with the food offerings as well as the portion size. The compartments in the food trays are in "V" shapes and come to a point under the tray. This effectively cuts the portion sizes down by 50% over typical square shaped tray compartments. When it came to the picnic option, the food really is an afterthought. With the portion sizes they give, I'm sure that a gallon of potato salad could easily last for 100 trays. If you're going with the picnic option as a substitute for a regular meal, you're going to come up hungry afterward (and about $14.00 lighter per tray).

    Your best bet would be to get in line for WoC fast passes from the Grizzly River Rapids machines, once you get to the machines, mention to one of the cast members that you want 10:15 passes and they will either tell you that they are currently being distributed, or they will let you stand just off to the side until they begin getting distributed. This won't take long. I was at the resort last week and fast passes for both shows had sold out by 10:50. If you try for the machine option and come up short, then the picnic (or fine dining option) is all that remains. Only then would I choose the picnic option again as the "side" items only had a portion size of about one bite.

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