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    Need park touring ideas for a 2.5 day trip to DL

    First time visit to Disneyland (all adults). We will arrive at the parks around 1:00 on a Monday (Dec 6) and have all day Tuesday and Wednesday to tour the parks. My question is, which park should we go to on our half day? Can we do most of CA on the half day? Or, should we use the half day to see a few attraction in DL. I am also planning to get advance picnic tickets to World of Color and thought maybe that would be a good ending for the first day. This may affect our park decision for that day. We have been to Disney World many times and love it. I have always wanted to visit Disneyland and we are all very excited. Thanks in advance for all advice.

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    Re: Need park touring ideas for a 2.5 day trip to DL

    we did california adventure last week from opening 9:00 to 11:30 their isn't much right now.

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    Re: Need park touring ideas for a 2.5 day trip to DL

    If you're planning to simply do half a day from early morning to somewhere midday, then I would use it on DL. DCA really takes half a day if you're going from one ride to another, what makes DCA a one day event is because of the WOC show which is absolutely worthwhile in every way. So in my opinion dedicate one day to DL, the other to DCA and the final half day, I'd use it on DL again to finish up any rides you missed or attractions/areas you haven't been to in the first day.

    I've been to both parks numerous times and as hard as I try, it really is impossible to enjoy DL if you just rush from ride to ride. There simply isn't any time in a single day to take everything in and enjoy the ambiance and environment such as the Mainstreet USA shops during the night or the exhibits they have next to the Lincoln Experience auditorium. In addition, I'd even spend some time in the downtown district right outside the entrances of DL/DCA, they really have some neat entertainment going on all the time. My only suggestion is to take it easy and remember, just being at the parks is worthwhile, there's no need to plow through everything! =P
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    Re: Need park touring ideas for a 2.5 day trip to DL

    If i were you I would Go to DL for 1.5 days and California adventure for a full day.

    In disneyland i would do the main rides you want to go on first and then the other day go on the other rides and see some shows. If you are going to watch the fireworks and Fantasimic i would watch them on the same night (watch fireworks and then the later Fantasmic show). The later fantasmic show has usually been less crowded in my experience.

    At DCA the world of color is an amazing show so you were smart to get the picnic tickets. A MUST see is Aladdin a Musical Spectacular in the Hyperion theater. It is Hilarious And includes an actual flying carpet and a life-size elephant.

    Have an awesome trip!
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