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    Well, I think the title was a little confusing. But it was a fun topic, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the next installments!
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    I know the title was a little confusing, and for that I appologize, but I was feeling like making these all alliterations, and "F" was pretty hard (not as hard as some of the others will be though lol). However, I just created "adventureland's awsome additions" we'll see how that one fares I suppose....
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    what's with all the topics about stacking attractions @_@

    I don't think it would work well at all (you'd still have the same trails to deal with)

    but when people talk about Disneyland being at capacity well, I don't think that filling in a few blank spots would do it but saying they should build more park ontop of what they already have is a bit crazy

    not many of those buildings have upper stories that would be usefull for an attraction, If I'm not mistaken Mainstreet has offices in the upstares anyways

    I could see it "sort of" working for Tomorrowland but even that is very questionable

    ontop of that I can't see anybody wanting to visit a five day park or whatever it'd be a nightmare

    as far as multistory in DCA goes, I think you'd get the same results and it would mishmesh with the theme unless you do a few multilayered rides in the LA expansion or something (I can't see it working for a nature themed area) even then you'd only be looking at a relationship like Alice and toad

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    Capacity... no one likes crowded walkways, and part of capacity is the queues and waiting times(which no one likes either). The solution is to slightly increase capacity by adding many more rides.

    And people love rides(most). Having been to 3 of the 'Disneyland' parks now, I'd say that Disneyland is clearly the best of them. It has more layers, more attractions more in general, and in less space. But there could be more, lots more...

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    I too like the idea of an Aladdin themed dark ride, where you could be in the Magic Carpets and have them rise up on hydraulic lifts so that your flying above the ride, and sometimes the direction of your car might change or your carpet might fly out over a set or something. And if they could figure out a way to have the Cave of Wonders to come up from the ground and enter the tigers mouth I think that would be awesome. And then to have a flight over Agraba similar to Peter Pan. I think that would be awesome.

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