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    Can you take photos of fantasmic during the balcony dessert buffet?

    Given that everyone inthe balcony paid so much for the tickets, I was wondering if people still took pictures of fantasmic during the show or if it was (or would be) considered bad form to do so.

    thanks for the help w. this one!

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    Re: Can you take photos of fantasmic during the balcony dessert buffet?

    Usually, people up there videotape the show. I haven't really seen anyone take photos.
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    Re: Can you take photos of fantasmic during the balcony dessert buffet?

    I think as long as you are considerate of those around you, it would be ok- you don't want to ruin the experience for someone who paid a great deal to be there. If you stood in the back and took pics over people's heads, they probably wouldn't mind. If you are in doubt, just ask the people around you before the show starts if they would mind.

    When I purchased the buffet, I didn't take pics because I just wanted to enjoy the view.
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