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    Re: Possible DCA Expansion Themes

    They need to remove Rt 66 and make the area San Fransisco. Or they they can do this in the place where the Incredibles ride is set to be. Id love to see a water coaster like they have at seaworld, but with an Alcatraz theme. Imagine the showroom in the center of an enlarged lagoon, the waves crashing against the rocky base of the forboding prison.

    And as for a Gold Rush expansion, I would like it to be in the forested area but the genious at Disney decided to build a giant hotel inside a park that was already too small to begin with.

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    Re: Possible DCA Expansion Themes

    It is too small....

    I think a WINTER SPORTS area would be fun, with the Blizzard Beach style snow covered roofs and a big mountain with some sort of ride(s) based on skiing, snowboarding etc. You could ride a ski chair up the mountain and stand on your feet with skis in tracks and have a skitopia ride maybe. You just stay standing up and it takes you skiing down the track.

    Of course you have to be able to stay standing on your own feet to ride. If you're too small, too weak, too fat, sorry you can't ride. But 99% of us could!

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