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    Smile Official DCA Expansion Phase II

    Hopefully when Phase I is done Disney will get planning on phase II. I think before they start this though they need to let things settle and see how Phase I went.(But I think we all know it will be a sucess). So what do you think/want to happen during Phase II? I want them toget rid of RCCH and level Pacific Warf. So what do you want to happen?

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    Re: Official DCA Expansion Phase II

    So far I know the only major project that's set to take place in Phase 2 is the retheming of the Hollywood area. I know there will be some areas of Paradise Pier that have yet to be rethemed (the Carousel) for one and I'm hoping that will be part of phase 2 as well.

    There's also the possible retheming of the Golden State area and the retheming of the Grizzly River Run attraction. And a few elements of Cars Land that failed to make it into the final planning stages such as the drive-in restaurant. Hopefully once all of these projects are done the last thing to do is some alterations and touchups to get the lands to flow with another the best way possible.

    I dunno if I want them to get rid of Pacific Wharf though, it's a nice well themed area.

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    Re: Official DCA Expansion Phase II

    Paradise Pier could use more themed attractions (slapping Mickey on carny rides is not "theme").

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    Re: Official DCA Expansion Phase II

    I think the biggest area in need of additions, not theming is Hollywood. There's very little to do there. (for me)

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    Re: Official DCA Expansion Phase II

    I would think the Hollywood Backlot area will receive more than just some "retheming" to the building facades.

    There are three large facilities with "blank canvases" ........

    * The 20 year old Muppet movie
    * Millionaire building
    * Hollywood & Dine building

    Not to mention the large scale plans for the Hyperion to give it an enclosed lobby.

    Phase One only includes 2 total large scale attractions - Radiator Springs Racers, Little M.

    Phase Two should include another 2 .. if not perhaps 3.

    Between Phase 1 and a Phase 2 .... DCA's new line-up of new E Tickets should be nothing less than 5.

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    Re: Official DCA Expansion Phase II

    I want everything listed in this article:

    Disney California Adventure: A peek into what the future may hold -

    Though I would be happy if even half of this stuff happens. I would also love if the remaining parking lot became it's own land and not an expansion of hollywood or carsland.

    Before this expansion, DCA was not worthy of being called a second gate. Phase 1 is going to make DCA worthy of being a 2nd gate. Phase 2 would make it worthy of being a 2nd gate right next door to disneyland.
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