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    Question Annual Pass Question..

    Its been years since I have had an annual pass and my mother in law is buying us and our kids the Southern california Select Annual pass. She is giving them to us for Christmas and I know they are blocked out the last few weeks for december, but we want to try to go before all the christmas decorations are down,are they good on a blockout day since we just got them and havent had our pics taken yet?

    I hope that makes sense.

    Oh also, when do all the decorations and HMH and Small World go down for rehab?

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    Re: Annual Pass Question..

    I'm almost positive that, even if the first day you go is a blockout day, you can still get in. I'd wait for someone else to second this, though.

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    Re: Annual Pass Question..

    1. MousePlanet has better official info on attraction refurbs. Early to mid-January. (First one, then a week later, the other.)
    2. I don't think that the restricted AP's are good on your first day if it is a blockout day. However, instead of buying the SoCal Select APs in advance (and giving them to you on Christmas) Grandma could take you all to DL any day, pay for one-day passes, and then at the end of the day convert them all to SoCal Selects. (Heck, that would be a great Christmas Day present. "Get up everyone! We're going to Disneyland! Courtesy of Grandma!! We'll open the rest of the presents later!!")
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    Re: Annual Pass Question..

    I will second it....

    You can use the "voucher" to enter the park on any day, even if it is normally blocked out. I would NOT process the voucher until after you have ParkHopped and are sure you won't leave the park for the rest of the day. (You will run into problems using the Plastic AP card).

    Small World goes down January 4th

    HMH on the 18th

    Some minor Christmas stuff ends on the 30th, decorations will start coming down on the 4th.
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