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    a disneyland quote i heard from a castmember

    Disneyland is the performance, and ur on its stage when you enter its gates.
    really loved the quote

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    Re: a disneyland quote i heard from a castmember

    Yes, Disneyland is ONE BIG SHOW!!! The trams are your limos taking you to the show, the loading area is the green room, everything you see is onstage, and every role is a starring role. Walt Disney said so!

    He said this:

    "Disneyland is the star, everything else is in the supporting role."

    "Disneyland is a show."
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    Re: a disneyland quote i heard from a castmember

    To tell you the truth, entering from backstage is a lot like you're entering a set. So it does really feel like a show. Most of the stuff backstage is generic and ugly looking, while everything onstage is themed. When you pass through the door(s), you're automatically transformed.
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    Re: a disneyland quote i heard from a castmember

    To take it a step further, you enter the park on a "red carpet" of bricks and walk through the arched train tunnels - remarkably like the proscenium arch of a movie theater - to enter the park. Walt wanted you to feel like you had literally just stepped into one of his films.
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