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    Fantasy Waters protestors...

    From The Fantasy Waters show premiered at the 1964 New York World's Fair as "Dancing Waters" and debuted in 1970 at the Disneyland® Hotel.
    Protesters of the Viet Nam War rioted inside Disneyland - Park closed early

    Has anyone else heard this? I never knew that Fantasy Waters was the first water show in America. pretty weird, them protesting about the new location of the show.... I also recently heard that the rest of the fountain components have been moved to a new location for a new show, but it is not around Disneyland, I beleive it is up North towards Sacramento...

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    Re: Fantasy Waters protestors...

    They were protesting the war in Vietnam, not the waters moving. No one protested when the dioramas moved, or IASW.

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    Re: Fantasy Waters protestors...

    I don't see how the two events are linked. Maybe it's just me.
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    Re: Fantasy Waters protestors...

    Quote Originally Posted by fantasywatersfreak
    pretty weird, them protesting about the new location of the show....

    For those who still don't know, the truth about this, from NPR:
    In August 1970, political activists decided to take over the park. The plan was to invade Tom Sawyer Island and "liberate Minnie Mouse," among other pranks.
    Things eventually ended with the park closing and emptied in order to flush all the bodies out when just about all of Anaheim PD swarmed in like a massive swat team and caused the protestors to freak out and disband into the crowds.

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