Hi everyone,

My wife and I are considering buying new annual passports after a couple of years layoff from Disneyland. We were actually considering coming this weekend, but discovered online that it's busy there on Superbowl weekend rather than dead as I would have expected, so we ruled that one out.

Now we're looking at next weekend which is the weekend before Valentine's day and rain is forecast. Does anyone know what sort of crowds we can expect on that weekend?

My second question is to do with crowds in general. One of the reasons we stopped renewing our Deluxe Annual Passports was because we'd twice been burned by impossible crowds which I believe arose thanks to the "pay by the month" deal for SoCal residents. We actually cancelled our trip and drove all the way back to Vegas after seeing the crowds one weekend during summer a couple of years ago - it took us 90 minutes just to park and you couldn't move outside the parks - and on another occasion we drove past on the way home from San Diego with plans to stop in but it was just walls of people. Now, I know Disneyland is *always* crowded on the weekends, in summer, and during school holidays (the only times we can go as my wife is a teacher), but it seemed to get worse around the time the pay as you go deal came into place. It went from "Busy but fine" to "get me out of here!" for us. Has this settled down at all? If we buy annual passports will we be able to go on weekends, during summer break etc and have it be tolerable? I don't mind a 45 minute wait to get on certain rides, what I do mind is two hour waits, barely being able to move, or not being able to take a step without bumping into eight people.

Any info would be gratefully received.