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Again: this sounds like something more for WDW than for DLr. As soon as "Disney Parks" people understand how different the two resort areas are, they'll learn that it's better to manage them differently and separately.
Seems the whole impetus behind this idea ... was directed mainly to WDW.

That's a real vacation resort. From the beginning. Going on 4 decades.

Disneyland on the other hand is more the local/regional park .. surrounded by a region of 17 million people .. who visit on a single day, and that's it.

Only in the last 10 years has Disneyland been a "resort" with a second gate, and three hotel properties (DLH, Paradise Pier H., Grand Californian).

I think execs want so badly for DLR to be a twin to WDW.

But they are not quite the same .. now are they?

To treat them the same is futile!

Not with 17 million residents surrounding Disneyland ... with over 1 million AP holders.