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    Going to Disneyland on a rainy Saturday

    This Saturday, I'm going to Disneyland, and I haven't been there on a Saturday in years. Also, the forecast says it will rain that day, so I want to know what the crowds are like on a rainy Saturday. Is it still really crowded, empty, same as a weekday, etc.

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    Re: Going to Disneyland on a rainy Saturday

    have fun with no waiting in line lol. you will have fun.

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    Re: Going to Disneyland on a rainy Saturday

    You want to know if it will be busy?
    Less busy than a regular Saturday.
    Maybe a little busier than a weekday, but not much. Good news is that a Saturday contingent of CMs will be scheduled.
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    Re: Going to Disneyland on a rainy Saturday

    With all the recent rain, this has become a very popular question. Even my cousin that's coming in from out of state asked if she should go if it's raining. If you do a search on here you can get people's answers to the Disneyland in the rain question.

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    Re: Going to Disneyland on a rainy Saturday

    Disney in the rain is fabulous! Go, have fun! Maybe bring a rain poncho.
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