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    Weird AP Discount?

    Something weird happened yesterday; I bought a baked potato from the Troubadour Tavern, and when I looked at the receipt it said I got a "15% Club 33" discount.

    Why'd I get that discount? I only handed my PAP..
    Now, I just got a text that the same thing happened to my friend who also has a PAP, and she got it from the French Market?

    I wasn't even aware that Club 33 members got discounts to places.

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    Re: Weird AP Discount?

    Probably just hit the wrong button. That's happened to me before.

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    Re: Weird AP Discount?

    Do you have the new WDW and Disneyland Gold PAP?

    If yes

    I think Disnyland Have not Reprogram the POS (ponit of sale) Computer for the New pass.
    I thinking Castmember are use Club 33 button.
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    Re: Weird AP Discount?

    I usually see this at the River Belle Terrace. The amount is right (15%) but it says Club 33 instead of Premium Passport.

    I don't know if it's a button pushing error since they swipe the magnetic strip. I would think they would let the computer handle it. More likely a programming error that no one has bothered to fix since the amount is the same.

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    Re: Weird AP Discount?

    As a former CM, there is a "Club 33" button on our cash registers. They give the same discount as the Premium and saves time to use. You don't have to swipe for the Club have to swipe the Premium pass for it to work. It's only a time thing. It's usually only used when there's a long line or the Premium pass isn't registering for the discount.

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