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    World of Color Question

    Where is the best place to watch World of Color without getting a Showpass (I think thats what it is called)? Last July we went through the process of getting a Showpass only to realize during the show that there were plenty or people without passes watching the show around us. We are visiting in 2 weeks and would like to skip the hassle, if it even still is a hassle, of getting the Showpasses in the morning. Please help if you can! Thanks

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    Re: World of Color Question

    The best non-FP location to view the show from is in front of Ariel's Grotto. The other locations are rear-views or side views of the show and aren't good spots. The Ariel's Grotto loctation requires you to get there at least 3-4 hours before the first show as it does fill up quickly.

    The reason why they were non-FP people in your FP location was most likley because there was plenty of space by showtime so they permitted those who didn't have FPs to go in. That happens on occasion with the 2nd performance.

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    Re: World of Color Question

    Sometimes they will open up an additional viewing area in the back by the lighthouse thingy for nonfastpassers. The best way to watch the show is to get a fastpass, show up at 6:45, and get to the front of whatever section you are standing in. Without a fastpass, you have to deal with those mean old Cast Members telling you to keep walking.

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    Re: World of Color Question

    I enjoy watching it from under SSS.

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    Re: World of Color Question

    Anytime there is a 2nd showing of World of Color, cast members will always put away all the ropes about 5 to 10 min into the show. at this point in time, you can go stand anywhere you like blue, yellow, or red section.
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    Re: World of Color Question

    I always get a Fastpass, no matter what color, and just go straight to the front of the wet section. And I've never been wet. Now, weather is definitely a factor but still, wear a hoodie and you'll be fine for what might seem like a light drizzle. Plus, you'll feel so small as those fountains shoot so high, it's such a beautiful thing. I honestly feel like I can't see a single thing way in the back and I feel so cheated compared to the absolute front. Go with the front, whether you get wet or not, you won't regret it and the upside is, it doesn't matter what color you get.

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