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    Toy Story Early Entrance???

    Im hoping someone can explain this to me. We were in DCA yesterday and made our way to the Rope about 20 minutes before the 10:00 a.m. opening. There was a long line off to the right. It turned out the line was for Toy Story and they let the line enter and head for TS about 10 minutes before they dropped the rope for everyone else. We quickly jumped in at the end of the line and made our way to TS which was our primary destination. Heck Id rather spend my time in the moving TS queue than standing behind a rope!

    Ive never seen a line before. Is this new? Will it be a continuing practice? Why did they start this? Will TS ever get a fast pass machine?

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    Re: Toy Story Early Entrance???

    I've heard of this, but I've never been lucky enough to be a part of it or see it. I was there (at DCA) last Tuesday (3/1/11) twenty minutes before opening and went straight to that area between bug's land and the backside of Grizzly but they didn't separate the line or have a separate line going.

    So, it might be just a weekend thing or just 'only-on-a-busy-day' thing? Just my guess.

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    Re: Toy Story Early Entrance???

    I did read somewhere that TSMM was getting FP, but it might not be reliable. And who knows when Disney might actually mget the machines put in!

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