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    Talking New Hire Questions

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm very excited to say I just got hired at the DLR a few weeks ago and will be starting on Friday! Also, this is my very first job!

    I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to what to wear to traditions (shoes, outfit, handbags, etc..) I received a pamphlet with Disney look requirements, but I REALLY want to make a good impression the first day! I would love to see examples! When do you start wearing your costume and how many business attire outfits will i need during training?

    About what time do you get out if you start at 8am? I know it's an 8 hour day, but since I'm working retail and it's union, is an 8 hour day technically 9?

    How long until you are actually out on stage?

    I heard that before Traditions start they look over everyone and tell them what needs to be fixed in regards to the Disney Look. Is this true?

    Also, I've been hired as CT and would love to continue as a CR. How can I go about doing this, and how long do I need to wait to do so?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, I'm very excited!

    Thank you in advance!!!

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    Re: New Hire Questions

    Just wear business attire with comfortable shoes (preferably all black shoes.) Black athletic shoes are okay. They will do a quick look at your attire when you start. My sleeves on my shirt were rolled up and they told me to roll them back down to my wrists. They weren't mad or anything about it. Don't worry all that much about making a good impression because there's a good chance the Traditions trainers may be CMs you'll never work with any other day anyway. That's how it was for me.

    You will not be doing costume changes during Traditions. That will be done another day on your first training day at your work location.

    Assuming your area has 30 minute lunches like me, "8.0" hour days will last 8.5 hours.

    If I remember correctly, my Traditions group went onstage after our lunch, so that would be about 4 hours after we started.

    I do not have much knowledge on CT to CR info, but that has probably been answered on the MiceChat board somewhere.

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    Re: New Hire Questions

    Yes, your Traditions class is usually a full eight hour affair. Get plenty of sleep, and wear comfortable but modest attire.

    At the end of your "Welcome to Store Ops" class, which is after Traditions, you will mostly be given a form which you can fill out detailing your interest in conversion to a Casual Regular. I would fill out and deliver this form again on my own time about 3 - 4 months in the future if I were you, there is always the risk that your request may not reach its intended destination.

    As for good impressions, you will be in a room with about 50 - 70 other people, and you will NOT meet anyone from your department, except the new hire scheduler, whom you will never see again. EDIT: You will meet other new hires though, but they don't need to be impressed.

    Traditions involves a short and very uninformative tour of Disneyland, and that will be the extent of your time on stage during your first day.

    You will just need 2 outfits, Traditions is one day, and your "Welcome to Store Ops" is another.

    Your first day of actual training, just show up in something easy to change out of, since you'll be stuck in your costume first thing. That first day of training is Guest Interaction, another literal walk in the park.

    As for final advice, be prepared for a power point presentation with enough slides to fill a water park. Also, that first transition from Backstage to whatever land you are entering will probably blow your mind. Especially if it Frontierland.

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