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    Mother's Day Weekend visit

    I was planning a family weekend vacation at Disneyland over Mother's Day weekend, when I just found out that the movie premiere for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will take place there on Saturday May 7th. Since I do not plan to spend all day on Main Street (I have 2 LO's under 3) on Saturday and may plan to skip that day, I was wondering what it is like going there the day before and the day after the movie premiere? Will Rivers of America and New Orleans be open on Sunday? I understand that the bleachers will be on the ROA the day before, but will it impact traffic and attractions in the area? I am aware that Bats Day will be on Sunday, but that does not bother us.

    Also, out of curiousity, do they corral all guests back to Main Street after 5pm on Saturday, so no one can ride the attractions?

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    Re: Mother's Day Weekend visit

    Only adventureland and new orlenes and critter country that day and its useually the biggest gathering at d-land

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