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    How Soarin' and Screamin' queues can benefit DCA

    After seeing the discussion on the DCA tracker on making the GSS or TSMM queues seem shorter, I decided to chime in on two other rides Soarin' Over California and California Screamin' one of the popular rides in DCA. This of course is all hypothetically speaking. IF phase 2 happens, I would love to see something similar to my ideas (a little lengthy):

    IF Condor Flats is converted into part of Grizzly Park, I hope Soarin' gets a makeover. Don't care so much for the exterior but the 'shed' before the line splits. I feel like they could add so much in the room, like an old-fashioned air hanger with an AA of a 40's pilot/aviator. The current pictures of the pilots would remain but modified to fit the theme and some of the more notable aviators would have their pictures framed and a 'spotlight'. With an old-fashioned 'projecter' similar to IJA quickly referencing some accomplishments. Model of airplanes, props, pictures, pretty much that 'clutter' look would surround some of the mentioned pilots. The films would last maybe 5-6 minutes, on a loop.

    A scenario I have in mind just to explain my idea here, you're outside in the switchbacks and enter the 'showroom' the room is lit and the room is filled until the queue reaches back to the entrance. Doors close and the room goes dark, pilot AA appears, spiel, and you get presentation on Amelia Airheart and Howard Hughes. Lights turn back on you now walk down the ramp and get in your (themed) gate. Patrick Warburton reprises his role in the instructional video, same spiel, voice but dressed in an old-timey pilot outfit which will be a hit with the kids. I'm only half-joking about the last part.

    As for the rumored Soarin' Over the Word, I hope that doesn't happen. I didn't know those selected places shown in the short were the ONLY beautiful parts of California lol. It's one of the few DCA originals and Californian-themed attractions, why change it to showing the New York City skyline or Las Vegas? No thanks. I want to see more of California please. With all this said, it would really make this ride a true E-ticket, with a well-themed queue and pre-show. It would also make the waits seem less. People would want to ride it just to see the AA pilot alone. Considering TDA, I wouldn't want him to be so complicated in his movements. I doubt they would put up with fixing him. Btw, I have no idea who this pilot is or how he looks like.

    Lastly, California Screamin', before I go on about the queue, an additional suggestion would be to enclose the beginning of the track, going under the pier, as an ocean cave. Before emerging from under the boardwalk and take off. It would be a nice little detail and they could use mist during the summer. Now back to the line...the only thing I'd want for this would be a makeover to fit the rest of the pier, which I'm sure everyone else here agree. But most importantly IMO, they could EASILY cover the sightline issues with the convention center and Hilton hotel if the loading station was enclosed and had a second story. The second story would be just for theme and would help in blocking out much of the outside world.

    The ladder wouldn't require too much money, but it would also would prevent people from seeing the parade building and backstage while getting ready to board their train. I just feel like had these rides been built back in the day...hypothetically speaking of course, they would want the queue to be well-themed, they would want to get rid of sightlines, they would not mind spending money if it meant the park would benefit from these changes or changes similar to this.

    That is all.

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    Re: How Soarin' and Screamin' queues can benefit DCA

    I like these ideas, especially the Screamin' tunnel.
    Don't know about the Soarin' pilot though...

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    Re: How Soarin' and Screamin' queues can benefit DCA

    I love the Soarin' queue just as it is. It's dignified. Noble. Like the people in the pictures.
    "In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations, the new needs friends." - Anton Ego

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    Re: How Soarin' and Screamin' queues can benefit DCA

    I like both ideas, but there is no room in Soarin for a pre-show. There is only the narrow queue between the two giant theatres.

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    Re: How Soarin' and Screamin' queues can benefit DCA

    If Condor is turned into part of Grizzly the whole front area of the attraction would need some changes starting with the outside queue which needs to be made to look more organic and not the industrial metal wire and canopy that is there now.

    I always envisioned Screamin's queue to be moved and placed inside the Helix. The concrete section of queue that includes the pointed blue umbrellas all removed and relocated inside the helix.

    The structure inside the helix would be a two story Rotunda with its roof rising over parts of the helix. The new entrance to Screamin would be right where the photo booth is now since there is an access area to the helix there.

    The new Marquee hanging on top of canopy entrance and attached to Screamin supports. Once past the entrance the queue would be a nice detail circular ramp with ornate railings that hugged the inside of the rotunda. The center of the rotunda would have a nice large prop or be a planted area with an open top at its peak. When the ramp reached the apropriate height it would burst thru the lattice pieces on the side of the helix and rejoin the second floor queue that is there already leading to the loading platform near the elevator.

    The loading structure could easily stay pretty much as is except for some added details to the roof and arches on the side facing the pier to give it a sence of an open air wooden structure. The stucco walls would be covered in wood and the side facing the backstage wall would be enclosed or heavily landscaped with tall trees. The first section of the track would be covered with a wooden canopy or they could at least theme the concrete bckstage wall to look like real rock and then add more landscaping in that area. That would allow the removal of a couple of the ugly wooden walls on the bridge facing Screamin the landscaping would look much better.

    The newly open area that would be created by eliminating the concrete queue would now be available for a couple themed ODV and of course the fastpass machine area could stay. The fatspass queue would remain and take advantage of the existng stairs.

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