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  • Museum w/ One Man's Dream

    10 23.81%
  • fancy dine-in restaurant

    7 16.67%
  • only the Carthay Circle Club

    1 2.38%
  • A lobby and a showcase of shorts and cartoons int he movie thater

    11 26.19%
  • Philharmagic

    7 16.67%
  • Great Movie Ride

    2 4.76%
  • an original ride

    4 9.52%
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    Re: If you were in charge of the Carthay Circle Theatre Project...

    I would not have made it a restaurant. However, if I had no other choice. I would have made it into a half movie theater half restaurant, similar to what was proposed for Carsland.

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    Re: If you were in charge of the Carthay Circle Theatre Project...

    Imagineering really needs to think multi-story here.

    I like the concept of a nice table-service restaurant anchoring Buena Vista Street, but I think keeping it in the first floor of the park's icon would make guests that are drawn to the building feel cheated when they are turned away for not having a reservation. Ultimately, I think it's important for a building's interior to match its exterior to at least some degree, and the Carthay Circle is no exception. So I would make the first floor a theater, with a grand Art Deco lobby in front. The lobby could hold a miniature version of a Walt Disney Story type attraction, all about Walt's young life in Hollywood, with lots of informative displays and props from vintage Disney movies. Since the Carthay is where Snow White made its debut, perhaps theme the lobby to the idea that they're having a special exhibit in honor of Walt to celebrate the "upcoming" Snow White premiere.

    From the lobby, have a curtained archway that leads to a open-admission theater in the back of the building, where short films would be run on continuous loop. Maybe a mixture of Oswald and other silent shorts, the Alice comedies, trailers for Snow White and Fantasia, and most importantly, a serial film about Walt's life, broken up into many separate episodes that would air between the other shorts. That would encourage guests to stick around for a while to see the series. The cartoons and trailers would be entertaining, while the Walt Disney serial would extend the theme of the lobby.

    Then back in the lobby, have a grand staircase which leads up to a second floor, where guests could eat at a nice table-service, Old Hollywood-style restaurant. Lots of gold, chandeliers, a pianist or a 1930s jazz band playing in the corner. Then parts of the 2nd floor wall could be opened up onto balconies overlooking the theater, so people in the restaurant could follow the films. On the other side could be large windows looking out over Buena Vista Street.

    This setup has a number of advantages: the lobby and theater allows the average guest something to do in the park icon, and might give restaurant diners a way to kill time while waiting for a table. It also allows the building to fulfill its function as a theater, while also paying homage to the person Buena Vista is based after in the first place. And the fact that the restaurant is on the second floor gives it more elegance and a better view anyway.

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    Re: If you were in charge of the Carthay Circle Theatre Project...

    From what the plans are for Buena Vista Street: it looks as though they might have more shops planned than need be (at least from my perspective). Some of that shop space can be cut down to make room for one full scale sit down restaurant (non exclusive tough).

    I guess my central choice for CCT would be the One Man's Dream and then maybe a fancy gift shop/museum attached.

    If I were Disney though maybe I should start giving out surveys to guests (although that has proven to produce bad results) just to get a guest perspective as to what should go into the theater and what people would be interested in seeing in the CCT and BVS.

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    Re: If you were in charge of the Carthay Circle Theatre Project...

    I'd have the feature films at a scheduled time each day. One or more depending on crowds. it would be like a movie theater at home, you have your lobby, snacks, and you go into the theater sit down and watch, there would a short or two before the main film. perhaps a fastpass to distribute tickets if need be. there'd be the expectation you stay to watch the entire film, once you left the theater access, you couldn't go back in, but you could go to the bathroom and return, assuming there is one right next to the theater doors inside the building.

    the only drawback is the current number of theaters in DCA already.
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