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    The Walt Disney "And Things" Game

    Watch an old video with Walt Disney in it and listen for every time he says "and things." It's amazing that he says "and things" so much yet instead of sounding like an idiot who has no idea what he's talking about, it somehow comes out sounding like "you'll just have to come and see it." It's kind of fun to see how much he says it.
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    Re: The Walt Disney "And Things" Game

    I've noticed this before too!

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    Re: The Walt Disney "And Things" Game

    I can't remember what book I was reading and I think it was Ollie Johnston who said it but the quote was pretty much how you put it, Spirit King. That was definitely a "Walt-ism."

    If you watch the Pirates video of Walt showing the 1st Disneyland Ambassador (Julie Riehm, I believe it was) the Pirates and Mansion attraction, you'll hear it pop up here and there.

    Great thread!! I thought I was the only one that noticed this!
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