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    what are the chances GSS and Paradise garden restaurants open June 3?

    What are the chances Goofy's sky school and the Paradise garden restaurants open on June 3?

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    Re: what are the chances GSS and Paradise garden restaurants open June 3?

    I'm going to say that it's a possibility. They definitely want to get it done by then and will probably do whatever they can to pull it off, so it will be pretty close.

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    Re: what are the chances GSS and Paradise garden restaurants open June 3?

    Al did say that they were behind schedule:
    Timelines & Faultlines -
    After the Cast Showcase wraps up and the employee morale is boosted, the ticketed Cast Member previews for Little Mermaid are set to begin on May 20th through the 26th, and a ticketed Annual Passholder preview process is slated to kick in immediately afterward for the Memorial Day Weekend. Regular soft openings could slot in at any time during those days, although George Kalogridis has heard loud and clear that there’s nothing that angers Anaheim Cast Members more than letting regular park visitors on a new ride before Cast Member previews take place, so it’s likely that only Disney employees will be riding at first. With the Little Mermaid coming along right on schedule, both TDA and WDI are fairly confident that the ride will have many days of soft openings under its belt before the formal June 2nd media event and grand opening.

    What is far less certain however is the status of Goofy’s Sky School and the restaurant complex nearby. There was only a nine month turnaround on this entire remake, and the construction schedule was as tight as it gets. After a very rainy December, that aggressive and major makeover project got just a bit behind schedule and wasn’t able to make up for lost time when the weather dried out in January. More rain in February and March saw the mud return to the site, and schedules slipped further at the restaurants and the roller coaster. The queue for Goofy’s Sky School and the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta restaurant in particular is nowhere near where it should be now that it’s early April. At least many of the hundreds of mature new trees that are being planted in DCA over this two year period got a good chance at establishing roots with all that rain.

    The soft opening plan is to also offer a ride on Goofy’s Sky School for those attending Cast Member or Annual Passholder previews, but the ride may not be ready for Cast Member sneak peeks by May 20th. They’ve been pouring on the overtime and fretting about the schedules, but the finishing touches for that corner of the park may just have to continue well into June after they get as far along as they can for the June 2nd press party. At the very least the Paradise Garden team is confident that by early June they’ll have the construction walls down and the old McDonalds stand open and serving Greek and Mediterranean food. If the construction timeline for the coaster queue or the pizza parlor can’t catch up after lots of overtime work through April, we’ll let you know here of course.
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