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    Re: Marvel characters starting in the summer of 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by MagicWDI View Post
    If Disney introduces Marvel characters into a Disney park, especially Disneyland, it has to be DONE RIGHT!

    Yes, any Marvel characters/attractions would need to be placed in an appropriate setting. Disney has done this right many times before (with Indy, Star Tours, and Toontown) but they have also screwed up horribly in other ways (Pooh replacing Mr Toad at WDW and Country Bears at DL, and then Pooh has an inferior attraction at both WDW and DL than what Pooh has at TDL)

    After going through this whole thread I see many who feel positive about this and many who simply hate the idea. I will say this now. Disney is NOT going to be dumb enough and have Spider-Man roam Main Street. No need to fear this. It's not going to happen. This isn't any kind of speculation but more common sense. So fear not and put the daggers down... slowly.

    When the Marvel purchase was first announced, I joked about Spiderman using Tinkerbell’s line from the top of the Matterhorn, but since then we have seen Dumbo and even Zero use that line. So, I’m thinking that even Disneyland could think of some creative ways of introducing Marvel characters even in DL. The Stark Expo in Tomorrowland was one idea that seemed like it could fit. Perhaps a daytime show with Spiderman using Tink’s line would be kinda fun!

    Listen, if we don't already have Darth Vader or Indiana Jones roaming Main Street or Frontierland, then we will not have Marvel characters doing the same, not any of the over 4,000 of them.

    We have to give Disney some credit now. They may have made a few mistakes .... okay a few many mistakes ... but if we open our eyes for a second and put the "Listen to me because I am proving you wrong" mentality down for a second we can see Disney has already done this before. They have already introduced non-Disney characters and themes and woven them into their Disney lands. I will highlight a few:
    We have the Lucasfilm characters. These are the obvious because they are also very popular. But we also don't think ill of these additions because they were also done right. Disney did their homework and while obeying all of George Lucas' demands they also made their Disney fans happy. What also helped was that these franchises were, and still are, very popular to begin with, so Disney, and even Lucas, had to get this right the first time.
    -- Now was Indiana Jones and Star Wars controversial back then... we are not really sure. We didn't have huge internet based forums back then like we do now.
    It’s true the internet wasn’t the force in the 80’s as it currently is, BUT if you were around in the 80’s and were a Disney fan, you knew what Disney was struggling with at that time. From an attempted takeover, to the decline of Disney animation. WDW was growing with the New EPCOT park, and all the new attraction it had, whereas on the west coast, DL only received a Fantasyland makeover, and was in dire need of some new major attractions.

    The news of Star Tours was a HUGE spark that DL desperately needed. It finally gave the west coast Disney Park something new. It was the “Harry Potter” it’s day, with a new type of ride vehicle. It gave the general public something it had never experienced before, and could not experience at home.

    Even Star Wars fans were excited about the attraction. The only thing somewhat talked about was “how did Star Wars fit in TL?” and that question is still around, BUT it did feature space travel, which has always been a part of TL, so it fit.

    And certainly Imagineering had a great breakthrough with this attraction and let the world know that Disney was still THE innovator of theme park attractions.

    As for Indy, the internet had broken through more, by the mid 90’s, and Imagineers once again proved themselves at the top of their game with this attraction, and queue.

    And nearly as incredible was how they found space to add a HUGE E-Ticket Attraction in the already completely filled up Adventureland. Indy was a perfect fit for Adventureland, and the new type of ride vehicle showed Disney was still breaking new ground.

    The anticipation of Indy was nearly as big as for Star Tours, only this time there was no question of whether or not Indy fit Adventureland. Another huge hit, and still considered near the top of the top ten best dark rides.

    And one more great thing about adding Star Tours and Indy to DL, these helped bring more live action characters into DL. More recently there has certainly been an overdose on Animated Character additions.

    But one opposing Jonesy could easily argue the character isn't Disney or family friendly. There are guns and shooting, WWII references, death, violence, and even sexual references throughout the franchise. Now the smart thing Disney did when integrating this theme into one of their own attractions was to LEAVE ALL REFERENCES OF ANYTHING BAD OUT!!! Disney wants no part of that in a family setting (not because they want to but because of fear of backslash, and backslash = less money). So they only focused on the good and adventurous aspect of the franchise.

    You are certainly overlooking and not giving Disney animated Villains their due credit.

    -- Star Wars is not as bad as Indy so this wasn't much of a problem. Thematically it may not be 100% accurate in Tomorrowland, but it still works for the most part and is still fun. (BTW, what does work in Tomorrowland?)

    Star Tours was about space travel, so it did fit, and it wasn’t that big of a deal when Star Tours opened. There was much enthusiasm for this new type of theme park attraction, and the new life it gave to DL, which needed a boost of something new.

    -- Now let's dive into another example... Roger Rabbit. Let me first say that even though Touchstone co-distributed this film the characters within the story are not of Disney and were not created by them, excluding the Disney characters licensed for the film. Now with that being said, Roger Rabbit is VERY rough around the edges. Great adult humor for us older peeps, but parental guidance is strongly suggested if they want their young ones to watch this movie (unless they want their kids to pick up on some bad habits). Let me just say if I had a 4-year-old I wouldn't let him/her watch the movie alone or without me guiding him/her throughout the movie. Many could argue this isn't "Disney" quality. Yet look where the attraction found a home... in Toon Town. The very land that is from the movie, yet also the very land we take the young ones first. If that isn't irony, I don't know what is. But the lesson with this one is once again Disney chose to only focus on the FUN side of things. Hell is still hot last time I checked. Ride Mr Toad to find out.

    Not too sure what you are trying to get across here. You even point to Mr. Toad and the road to Hell (which was done in the 50’s), but then think Roger Rabbit is too grown up (which was done in the late 80’s) Maybe you are forgetting some of Disney’s more grown up items.

    --I could take the same argument used for Roger Rabbit and apply it for The Nightmare Before Christmas. These character are also not from Disney, even though the film was released by Disney, and the movie is also dark in nature throughout. Yet it has a presence in the parks and for the most part has created a fallowing. Another check for Disney.

    Not exactly correct. It’s true that Roger Rabbit did not get his origins within Disney, HOWEVER the same is NOT true with Nightmare Before Christmas. The character’s are from Tim Burton while he was working for Disney and are most CERTAINLY part of Disney.

    The argument here is that not only did Disney find a way to make these somewhat edgy movies fit into a family friendly park, they also managed to find a way to make them fit thematically. This is what Disney used to do best. This also shows that this is nothing new to Disney and for the most part they found success in integrating non-Disney franchises into the parks. Not all were successes, which is why those other attempts are not present in the parks today (coughDickTracycough). But I want to say again, this is nothing new to Disney.

    Now I know I should be ending this post but I have to keep going while I have this fresh on my mind. It's apparent that many of you feel strongly against the Marvel characters being inside Disneyland. I am trying to picture what you are thinking when this comes to mind. Maybe you are picturing some skinning dude sporting a skin-tight red and blue Spider-Man costume running around Main Street, acting as if he can do flips but he really can't (think of the Oompa Loompas trying to do cartwheels in the first movie), and some of Spidey's hair is sticking out of the back of his mask. We should know better. This won't be happing. No Spidey on Main Street, no wannabe flips, no bad costumes.

    Think about it. Let's not always think of the worst. Give Disney some credit. Look at Darth Maul during that kid show in Tomorrowland. Now that is pretty cool. And look, this is a scary villain from a non-Disney franchise. And no, he is not walking up and down Main Street with Mickey. Not all is lost, and this dude got cut in two in Episode One!

    So let me conclude here. Disney has done this before. Disney has also dealt with bringing not-so-family friendly movies into Disneyland. We should feel safe that a giant green muscle-man won't be walking up and down Main Street only saying "HULK SMASH," either. Rather than thinking of all the bad that could happen, maybe we can focus on the possibilities. I know for a fact that is what Disney is doing.

    Yes, good point about Darth Maul in the show at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

    Let’s kick the princesses out of that Fantasy Fair and give some Marvel Characters a Chance. Ok, perhaps those marvel characters would be better suited to that outdoor stage area in the Hollywood section of DCA.
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