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    Re: More Attractions (Rides) with Live Actors?

    Quote Originally Posted by sbk1234 View Post
    Just a bit of an anal correction, it's actually Disney Hollywood Studios, and not Epcot. But in response to the post, I would love to see more human/living performers in DL attractions. It livens up the whole show, and adds a bit of sponteneity that full AA attractions don't have.
    Oh my goodness, you are totally right, and I definitely knew that! Mental slip

    And in response to another post, yes, I LOVE Sweetums showing up in Muppet Vision 3D, as well as the presence of Flick and Hopper in It's Tough to Be a Bug. They make those shows so much more immersive.

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    Re: More Attractions (Rides) with Live Actors?

    I'm in the opposition, and apparently the minority here, but I would like to see fewer live actors, not more. To me, it comes down to control of show quality standards (probably a reason Walt invented AAs in the first place).

    A great cast member can enhance an attraction, no question. The problem is, in my experience with live actors/guides on attractions, only about 2% are truly great, about 18% are are good, 50% are passable, and 30% actually detract from the ride.

    Timing, charisma, presence, vocal skills, etc. - basically the human qualities necessary to produce "great show" are rare - particularly at the pay rates offered by Disney.

    Taking the sacred cow Jungle Cruise, as an example. If you get a great guide, who sells the spiel well, it works. But the majority of times I've experienced it, it's been overly loud and the guide seems kind of tired/annoyed at having to repeat the same thing dozens of times a day, so they come off as genuinely self-aware and slightly condescending in their jokes about low-tech of the attraction, Disney policies, etc. Again, with that upper 20% of guides the sardonic humor works, but most of the time, for me, it doesn't.

    Mark Twain Riverboat, on the other hand, has a spiel created by professional soundtrack producers and voice actors. I, personally, prefer those well-conceived and produced, although unchanging and unspontaneous, recorded spiels over the live ones, where the majority of the time it is just an okay performance by the living guide.

    I would like to see a trial version of the Jungle Cruise, where instead of being sold as a cheesy low-tech theme park ride with a sarcastically funny live guide, it is sold as an actual adventurous trip through the rivers of the world circa 1930 with no live guide and a Mark Twain-like recorded spiel.

    I think the best way is to keep the live actor in the attraction is keep them to brief appearances, (e.g., the Gangster in Great Movie Ride or living Muppet) so a weak performance doesn't spoil the entire show.
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