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    Does the Disney Calander change?

    Odd question - My family is going on our first ever Disney vacation in may and the trip just barely came up on the Disney Calander. But, it seems like ALOT is missing. The Magic, The Memories and You isn't listed and neither is the Princess Fantasy Faire.
    Will these events be added later or is the calender compleate as it is now?


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    Re: Does the Disney Calander change?

    What days are you going to be there? I picked a random day (May 14th... Gumball ) and it shows The Magic, The Memories and You playing at 8:45 and 10:15 PM. As for the Princess Faire, I'm pretty sure they will be doing that, but I don't remember if they list the times on the calendar. Disney has been pretty hit and miss with the calendar lately. They use to have info 3 months out but now you're lucky if they have the next 6 weeks posted. I've also found lately that its not always that accurate or updated. I understand that things are subject to change but Disney doesn't seem to keep the calendar that accurate anymore.

    ** Just looked on another random day and it shows the Princess Faire from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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    Re: Does the Disney Calander change?

    Yeah not everything is there yet. For example, I checked it for June and neither is Magical Memories or Electronica is posted. I ASSUME Magical Memories show will still be around, but its not there yet. But I know for a FACT Electronica will be there as its been announced its being done through summer, so if thats not up, then I'm guessing other stuff just isnt posted yet. Werid some is up and others isnt though.

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    Re: Does the Disney Calander change?

    Princess Fantasy Faire isn't isn't a ride or show, so it's not necessarily going to be on the schedule per se. It's open every day. As for The Magic, The Memories and You, it appears nightly. If it's not on the schedule, I suspect it's not because it won't be happenning, it's probably because they haven't yet locked the performance times.

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    Re: Does the Disney Calander change?

    The disney calendar really sucks lately. We are going May 2-7 and planned this week way back in December. Little did we know that the park hours are shortened for grad nights and there will be the POTC premiere our last day there. So Rivers of America and Fantasmic are closed all week for setup. We will NEVER plan a trip in May again. If disney had had the calendar more updated we may have been able to reschedule to the end of April to take advantage of more hours in the park, but the 5-6 weeks just doesn't cut it if you have to plan months in advance.

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