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    Re: The Market House stove is gone!

    Now they need to deploy a few of these around that dad-burned stove.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Re: The Market House stove is gone!

    Oh wait....!

    Quote Originally Posted by orbitalpunk View Post
    I went into the Market House today for an update. They said the Market House is going under refurbishment in may and that they will bring the Stove back thru that. They rest assured me it is being worked on and is coming back either way. One CM even said "It better be coming back" haha. That's my kind of CM

    Quote Originally Posted by RiversOfAmerica View Post
    It must be the same guests who go to the Gibson Girl Ice Ceam Parlor and ask "what flavors do you have", dispite the HUGE board that lists all the available flavors. I can't tell you how many times a guest will stop me right in front of a restroom and ask where the nearest restroom is.
    I still remember the time I was working at Fototoons on Main Street, and this guy walks up holding his kid in his arms, looking RIGHT AT the sign showing the price for a photo portrait in BIG BOLD NUMBERS, and he mutters, " much is it?"

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    Re: The Market House stove is gone!

    At DL right now and the stove is back!!! Will post a picture when able.

    Uploaded with
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