View Poll Results: What have you been excited more the most?

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  • Toy Story Midway Mania

    6 26.09%
  • Disney's World of Color

    8 34.78%
  • Little Mermiad: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

    14 60.87%
  • Buena Vista Street

    11 47.83%
  • Cars Land

    15 65.22%
  • Cosmetic Changes (both attractions and area)

    10 43.48%
  • Hollywoodland

    6 26.09%
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    Which of the DCA addition/renovations have you been excited about?

    So lets recap on all the stuff thats been done at DCA since 2007.

    In 2008, the major expansion and renovation project kicked off with the addition of Toy Story Midway Mania. Paradise Bay was drained to prep for Disney's World of Color. Golden Dreams shuts down to be replaced with a Little Mermaid Attraction.

    In 2009, Sun Wheel completed its transformation into Mickey's Fun Wheel. Platform for World of Color is installed.

    In 2010, Disneys World of Color debuts in Paradise Pier and the Orange Stinger completes its transformation into Silly Symphony Swings. Maliboomer gets the ax later on. Tracks for the Red Car is laid out in Hollywood pictures backlot. Sunshine Plaza is history.

    Now in 2011, the main entrance begins its major change into Buena Vista Street. Little Mermaid opens this year and the back of Paradise Pier with Muholland Madness completes its renovation, effectivley ending Paradise Piers renovation in Phase 1

    And next year, they put the icing on the cake as Cars Land is complete in 2012.

    You've been following all the progress on the various DCA Tracker threads. Were you excited for the major changes or the little things in the park such as Grizzly River Runs changes?

    For me, I was excited more about World of Color, but I know the next few things will be worth the wait as ell.

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    Re: Which of the DCA addition/renovations have you been excited about?

    I was kind of dumb and voted for them all, just because I love seeing change at the parks.
    But if I had to pick in order what I have been most excited about it would be this.

    1. Buena Vista Street
    2. TLM
    3. WOC
    4. TSMM
    5. Cosmetic Changes
    6. Hollywoodland
    7. Cars land

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    Re: Which of the DCA addition/renovations have you been excited about?

    I was/am most excited about Little Mermaid. Unfortunately, I see so much of the renovations as being highly cosmetic, without adding much that personally interests me, although I do think Cars Land will be cool.
    The Little Mermaid is not only a classic Disney ride as I define it, with animatronics and such, but it isn't based on ANOTHER Pixar title.

    Now if we can have a couple attractions on par with POC and HM....

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    Re: Which of the DCA addition/renovations have you been excited about?

    I'm really loving the stuff that was unannounced like three changed to grizzly, electronica anything that happens to hollywood etc.
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    Re: Which of the DCA addition/renovations have you been excited about?

    I'm more excited about Buena Vista Street. I'd love to see just more beautiful things in the park, somewhere I'd love to hangout like on Main Street. I'm really excited about every ride going into the park though. It's going to be a pain to avoid spoilers like I have for TSMM and WOC.

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    Re: Which of the DCA addition/renovations have you been excited about?

    Well I would say my top things in order are:

    1. BVS
    2. Carsland
    3. TLM
    4. Cosmetic changes: PP changes, turnstyles, PPK, etc
    5. HL
    6. TSM
    7. WOC

    Yeah, the TWO things I'm looking forward to the most gets built last lol. But its okay, save the best for last and all of that . But for me, as this list shows, its really ALL about building atmosphere in DCA mostly. CL is not second because of the rides, but because it bring a new and unique land to the area and a new mountain range to the resort. For me, the BEST parks are the parks I can walk around in all day and not ride a single ride. Thats why I love DL, TDS, AK, Epcot, etc so much, because they are all 'walking parks'. You can just soak up the atmosphere, sit and people watch and you filled your day. Actually all the MK parks are like this as well MINUS HKDL. Too small and not detailed enough IMO. But those two areas will help DCA alot now. I use to DREAD going to PP. I hit Screamin and leave! There wasnt a single thing that kept me there. But now with TSM, TLM around, SSS is so much fun and you got PPK to sit in and the new restaurant area looks just as relaxed, my complete view has changed of the place. I think those 3 areas will be my favorite now.

    But thats what was lacking the most with DCA 1.0, that you didnt really feel like you can just sit or walk around and feel connected to anything. But with the changes and the new details of the new lands, it will be different. TLM is higher on my list because the place needed a full fledge dark ride and the building alone is worth it. I LOVE TSM, it didnt get higer because end of the day its a big video game. But it adds a lot to PP, addictive and definitely a plus if the lines dont tell you that.

    But yeah, WOC was last on my list because I was never that excited about it. Shows dont have that pull like an attraction does. Honestly if they took it away I'm not even sure how much I will miss it. BUT its great, dont get me wrong, and I really love the atmosphere at night with it there and walking to see the fountains going, the lights everywere and huge crowd it brings. Its going to be fun to now see TLM all lit up behind it. I just dont personally need to watch it every visit thats all. But I have a feeling I will be riding TLM everytime I go to the park.

    But yeah, DCA will feel like a complete park to me next year. Its hard to believe even with all the new stuff now, including TLM, its not even 50% complete until BVS and CL come around. Those take up ALOT of real estate and entertainment. And I cant WAIT to walk around both BVS and CL at night! It will be like hanging around MS or NOS with everything all lit up.
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