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    Re: What's Your Favorite Thing to do While In Line for a Ride?

    The past few times I've been to Disneyland, it has been with 15+ of my friends so we're good to chat with each other and act goofy. We have matching T-shirts which leads to other park guests asking us the story behind or name "Team Left" and we are always happy to tell the story. I love people watching, observing all the great details in the queues and since I have never taken my daughter I love watching kids around her age to see how they react to it all. Every so often I will text a friend who isn't on the trip.

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    Re: What's Your Favorite Thing to do While In Line for a Ride?

    I am sorry, I was very vague. I like to play iPhone games or talk if in line for something like California Screamin' or any other ride with a non detailed or themed queue. Indiana Jones Adventure or Big Thunder Mountain, TSMM I look at all the posters in the small room, and once I've seen them all, I go on my phone. Also, instead of goiing on my phone, I enjoy saying useless DLR facts to my party.
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    Re: What's Your Favorite Thing to do While In Line for a Ride?

    I love to look for hidden mickeys! Or talk to my husband. I also listen to EVERYONE around me, and if someone is having a disney issue (questions about the park/rides/food/ etc..) I always turn to them to help them out. My husband gets so embarrassed of me when I do this! hahaha but it always ends well! In fact I usually end up getting the families kids super excited and they INSIST on riding with me on the rides, which I love because we aren't planning on kids for another few years (we literally JUST got married 2 months ago) and I just can't wait to take my own kids someday! And the parents are usually grateful that someone has the answers that they dont. Omg is it time to go back yet? I love helping people who don't know anything about Disneyland ..... making my own little magic. I'm such a dork!

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    Re: What's Your Favorite Thing to do While In Line for a Ride?

    Checking out girls is always fun - more of a challenge when I'm with my wife, but fun.
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