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    Wink Disneyland Rail Road Premeval World

    I was just recently watching this video on youtube

    YouTube - ‪Grand Canyon and Primeval World Diorama on the Disneyland Railroad‬‏

    BTW, this video is not mine.

    And I remember how much I loved dinosaurs as a kid, and I still do. When I was little, this part was the only reason of going on the train, besides also to relax my feet.

    Anyways, I was thinking since we have all this new technology now,maybe they could make all the dinosaurs and the animals in the grand canyon more life like. Heck, maybe even get a better looking T-Rex. Give them all better/more movements ect... Of course after all the big changes are done at Disneyland park.


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    Re: Disneyland Rail Road Premeval World

    Those AA's are the originals and I personally like the preservation of set pieces of rides, original AA's, and whatnot with the exceptions of a few touchups, paint jobs, etc. as much as possible. The train was particularly special to Walt and I feel like we should keep it preserved as best as possible.

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    Re: Disneyland Rail Road Premeval World

    This was just discussed a couple of weeks ago in this thread: Primeval World partial refurbishment

    There were some good arguments on both sides if I remember.
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