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    Little Mermaid Float in Soundsational

    Firstly, I'd just like to say that Soundsational looks great from the videos I've seen. Well all of it except the Little Mermaid float. If you haven't seen it yet watch the video and have a good look at that float. To me it just seems to be lacking in quality compared to the others. Basically it's a big staircase covered in some sea leaves.

    Does anyone know if it was reused from a previous parade? Just seems strange for them to make a float covered in stairs, when they don't need stairs anyway.

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    Re: Little Mermaid Float in Soundsational

    duh the castle float from the parade of dreams i think

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    Re: Little Mermaid Float in Soundsational

    the castle float in POD is in the Halloween parade, and idk maybe they wanted to add some scale to it i think all the floats are brand new and not reused

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    Re: Little Mermaid Float in Soundsational

    Al Lutz mentioned in a past update that the chassis were going to all be the same so that the parade could be changed out more often just by changing the look.

    That Sinking Feeling -

    The new parade route will debut in 2012 with an all-new day parade for DCA, using the same type of low-slung modular floats currently being designed for Disneyland’s new parade coming in 2011, Soundsational. The Soundsational parade is a salute to favorite Disney music through the decades, and it will use a new fleet of floats that are designed to have a modular chassis and underpinnings that can be used over and over again with different parades every few years. The same concept is being planned for DCA, with a fleet of DCA-specific parade floats that will allow different parades to be created for that park every few years without having to worry about the overhead wires of the Red Car Trolley.
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    Next Trip in 2012 to see the final product

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