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    BEST DLR Memories

    Share your favorite memories from DLR!

    - When my family still had annual passes about two years ago we would usually go to the parks on Sundays right after church. One day it was just my mom, little brother, and I, so we decided to take advantage of the lack of crowds and hop onto Splash Mountain. The weird happenings began when the line suddenly disappeared from behind us. Things got a bit suspicious when incoming riders made comments like "That was weird." "Did you see the animatronics?" Nonetheless we got on. We found out what was "weird." EVERY animatronic in the ride was broken. No movement. Nothing. Most of them had their heads facing down or backwards at an almost 365 degree angle. Brer Bear was the only animatronic working. Everyone else was broken. The hitchhiking alligator's wires holding up his neck were visible, as was the backside of his head. The dancing critters on the riverboat were all bent back so far in their dancing positions that it seemed as if they would break off of their legs in a matter of seconds. It was creepy. By the time we got off the ride had closed down and a maitenance worker was already working on it. It was extremely creepy just drifting past singing animatronics with no movement what-so-ever.

    - Farting: A few years back my mom's best friend and her family came down for a visit. I took the day off of school and we all went to Disneyland. Having a magnificent dinner at the Jazz Kitchen, my mom's friend suddenly grew a bit gassy...a bit too we walked towards the train station from Small World we all heard a distinct "WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW," followed by a horrible smell that smelled like a mixture between gasoline, rotten eggs, vomit, and POTC water. She farted in Fantasyland. IN FANTASYLAND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Things were no better on the train. Then there was the queue for Space Mountain. She farted so badly in there (No sound luckily) that the people behind us backed up a good ten feet, putting no one in line behind us. By the time they caught up with us in the loading area they all had a look of terror on their faces. As rude as this may seem, it is actually one of my favorite memories from DLR.

    - Yoda: On the same trip posted prior to this, our families just came out of the park to go to the Jazz Kitchen and do some shopping in Downtown Disney. Our first stop was the World of Disney store. Having seen it many times before, my dad and I simply sat outside. That is when I discovered a life-sized, realistic Yoda doll leaning against a trash can. Thinking that it belonged to some little kid, we just left alone. Ten minutes passed. No little kid. My little brother was a Star Wars-freak and couldn't resist. We had no more money to buy souvenirs, so we just...took it...albeit we told some cast members about it and most of them told us to keep it. They aren't sold ANYWHERE in the resort. At dinner my mom's friend pointed out that my dad and Yoda look EXACTLY alike. They're bald, have stern faces, and big ears. My dad being the joker he is, began to do everything with Yoda. We went back to the park and rode Small World. Yoda sat with my dad twirling his arms around. On Space Mountain Yoda waved at the camera, my dad making the same facial expression as the doll. Right before Star Tours began (We were in the front row), my dad lifted Yoda up in front of a full StarSpeeder and shouted "YAHOO!" Everyone cracked up, and thus began the best Star Tours ride ever. We still have Yoda to this day, locked up in my brother's closet, still in the same condition he was that we found him nearly four years ago.

    - The LOST Retreat: In 8th grade my mom was the youth director at our church, and she signed us up for something called the "LOST Retreat," an Anaheim youth gathering held only a block or two away from the happiest place on earth. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. The two girls in our group (We split into groups), were tired so we went back to the hotel early, hours before the other group did (Which was okay because they were kind of annoying). My mom, the two girls, and I went out to the BOILING hot tub and put our feet in, chatting with some nice people from Canada. One of the Canadians talked highly of California Adventure (It was still DCA 1.0 back then), mentioning how much better it is than Six Flags and Knott's. We said goodbye to the nice Canadians and headed upstairs to our hotel room where a night of comedy began. Too many memories to count...

    I have many others, but I will save those for another day. I want to take a bath right now.
    "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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    Re: BEST DLR Memories

    When I first went when I was 4. Got spoiled haha. But I dont remember much as I had so much fun that I fell asleep into a coma and lost my memory of what happend

    The other time was when I first stayed at the DL Hotel.

    The 3rd time was when I went to Disneyland on my 18th birthday in 09 with my mom. My gfwent too and it was her 1st time and that was really exciting for me.

    This 3rd time will be on her birthday at Disneyland staying at the Hotel I'm gonna get her the birthday basket It will be her 4th time going

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    Re: BEST DLR Memories

    When I was young.. probably 5 or 6;
    There was this mime from the New Orleans part of the park who saw my Birthday button.
    So he took me up to the old Disney Gallery (kinda by the Dreams Suite, but closer to New Orleans as we were overlooking the street), and got everyone below (quite a few people.) to sing Happy Birthday
    When you really think about..
    It truly is a magical place.

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    Re: BEST DLR Memories

    Got engaged at the old location of the Disney Gallery in the courtyard.

    Watched my son crawl for the first time in the lobby for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

    Danced with my daughter in the courtyard of the castle.

    My son was conceived on It's a Small World.

    (Just kidding about that last one.)

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    Re: BEST DLR Memories

    Well, here's a pared down list of memorial times at Disneyland:
    first time we took our daughter to Disneyland when she was 4 months old;
    first day I worked at Disneyland, Blue Bayou Restaurant;
    first time I paid for a ticket myself, with my own money;
    first date I took to Disneyland;
    first time I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand Californian Hotel;
    first time I saw the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade.

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