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    Know of any good Disneyland .pdf eBooks?

    Hi everybody! I just got my very first eReader / Tablet doohickey and I've been looking for good eBooks about Disneyland. Anybody have any suggestions? I Googled and got a bunch of shady links to places that wanted to give me lots of free eBooks in exchange for my credit card information, mother's maiden name, social security number, bank account number and a pint of blood, but I wasn't too comfortable with giving out all that information to websites that claimed to have "Dinzey eBooks".

    SO what do you suggest? Read any good eBooks lately?

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    Re: Know of any good Disneyland .pdf eBooks?

    It all depends on what brand of e-reader you have. I have a Nook Color, and there are very few Disney books other than the standard kids fare. Give it awhile and more will be converted to e-reader.

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    Re: Know of any good Disneyland .pdf eBooks?

    Can you google "Disneyland ebooks" ?? That's the only suggestion i have

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    Re: Know of any good Disneyland .pdf eBooks?

    I have a Sony e-reader and I can get free library books through OverDrive. There are several Disney e-books available through the LA Public Libraries that you can get.

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    Re: Know of any good Disneyland .pdf eBooks?

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