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    June 3-5: Most Crowded Weekend of the Year?

    I found out yesterday that my nephew's grandparents were taking him to Disneyland this weekend. I was thinking, "Why don't people consult a Disneyland nerd like me before they plan their trips?!" but it's too late for that now.

    Other than a weekend between Christmas and New Year's, I have to think this will be the most crowded weekend they could have chosen for their trip. Whatcha think?

    (Oh, not looking for crowd-avoidance strategies or anything, his grandfather is eligible for handicapped shortcuts as far as I know. That won't help with fighting through crowds to get to the rides in the first place, of course. And they will get Magic Morning admission one day, too.)

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    Re: June 3-5: Most Crowded Weekend of the Year?

    Current queue line for Star tours estimated at over 3 hours:

    Photo of the Star Tours queue (from a friend of mine who's there right now).

    Current line estimates at 3hrs 45min. Line continues to grow, attraction not yet open! Pics uploading now!
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    Re: June 3-5: Most Crowded Weekend of the Year?

    I'm going to safely say yes.

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