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    Paradise Bay Water Still Gross - Why?

    Last September, Sir Clinksalot posted about the water in Paradise Bay being a gross brown color that literally turned all structures in it brown. It is now mid June 2011 and nothing much has changed. The buildings/attractions around the bay are now gorgeous but this eyesore mars the overall beauty. Especially when they have the fountains in maintenance mode. Does anyone know if they are attempting to rectify this situation?

    Over the last couple weeks the domes in WOC haven't been used and I wonder if this may be part of the reason. I hope they can clean up the bay, but it's been 9 months with not too much progress.

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    Re: Paradise Bay Water Still Gross - Why?

    Yes, they are working on it. The problem is the isopar they are burning every night in the show. Building a filtration system is going to take time.
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    Re: Paradise Bay Water Still Gross - Why?

    about 2 months ago the water in paradise bay was a nice blueish color now the water has just turned plain gross and brownish looking color.

    I think there is a cycle, it will get dirty for a while and then nice and then dirty again.
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    Re: Paradise Bay Water Still Gross - Why?

    Maybe this is where the new San Francisco street restrooms are draining.
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