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    Fantasy Waters replacment

    What do you think should replace the Fantasy Waters show? I think it looks stupid now because it look like Disney build a huge cement planter with a pond in front, how ghetto is that? Post what you think should replace it.

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    Re: Fantasy Waters replacment

    How about a new version using newer technology?!?!?!?!


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    Re: Fantasy Waters replacment

    There is supposed to be some sort of interactive THING for families to go in there. A mini-golf course was in the rumors but does not seem to be what will be happening there. Time will tell.
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    Re: Fantasy Waters replacment

    I wish they would add something. Some of these aging DLH facilities are really beginning to make the grounds of the DLH look very dated. They have done great work with the new pool, new look in the rooms, Lobby, Fantasia Shop, repainting the towers to matching and more neural colors, etc. But there is still more that needs work. his hotel is aging and needs constant attention. Some of the ideas I have for the DLH are:
    -rename the towers to CA names (Pacific, Sierra, California)
    -rebuild the EuroGifts a Arcade building and add a really nice arcade.
    -new quiet pools and beach back in the cove pools area.
    -small scale Fantasy Gardens area like DL Hong Kong has for character meet ans greets (would replace the old Fantasy Waters area and incorporate the horseshoe falls)
    - redo the exterior of the Grand Ball room exterior facade. That awful faded pink color has got to go!
    - Update the interior of the Pavilion area Get rid of that ugly pinkish-red 1970's tile, bring the area into the modern age).

    Any thoughts of comments from other people?

    This summer I finally saw the new pool, gift shop, lobby and hallway renovations at the PPH. This hotel is FINALLY looking more like the theme it's name implies and finally feels more like a Disney owned hotel. Good job Disney.
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