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Free entrance for cast member and guest (or family if you have one, I think).
Discounted food and drink and I think merchandise (don't know if it's any more than they already get).
Special ornament, but I think they're sent to the offices to hand out at work (who wants to hold onto that all night?).
Not nearly as crowded as DL normally is.
Special gift area in Saloon. (Didn't see anything I liked, though, and nothing says Disney geek like a non-cast member wearing cast member holiday party merchandise. Sheesh, do I look like a geek? Don't answer that.)
Leaving soon. Have to go home, pick up the wife, drive, pick up the cast member, drive, meet up with other cast member (for wife's entrance), and enjoy!
YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE FREE UNLIMITED SHOOTING GALLERY!!!!!!!!!!! Ya I was there yesterday and it was a ton of fun. I went on space mountain at 9 and there was a 40 min wait. Then I went to Tiki Room, Then Indy, Then Pirates, Then Mansion, Then Astro Blasters, Then Star Tours, then we left with out little orniment. And I went on all those rides in under 3 hours.