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    Re: Disney College Program Application ? - Can any reps help?

    Quote Originally Posted by CSei2011 View Post
    ojeilatan- oh this must be new! well I havent been a rep in years so maybe not THAT new. I just remember when I was a rep that they had like a drawing to see who got housing. When I was in FL my manager set up all kinds of met ups with different departments for me... I really didn't have anything specific I wanted to do or see out there... I just wanted to do it all! haha. So I guess it comes down to what you prefer... DL sounds (correct me if i'm wrong since I've never done it) more intimate.. FL more massive and tons of different work opportunities (you can pick up a shift in different job roles to try it out). To be honest if I could go back I wouldve done them both... but I choose WDW not just because of lack of DL housing at the time, but because DL is my home park, and I wanted a totally different experience, I wanted as far away from home as I could go (I like in AZ) and I wanted to see something totally new to me, since I had never been to WDW and at the time it also seemed like the only time I would ever be able to go out there.
    I think you're right that it's fairly new...geez, I must have picked a good semester to go after all that business about a lottery for housing, haha

    I think you made a good point for people interested in the program that you can definitely network on either coast. As long as you're willing to put in the work for you, you can open a lot of doors for yourself at either resort!

    And there are some roles that WDW has that DLR doesn't, and vice versa. WDW has that park hopper role where you can do multiple roles throughout your time, and DLR has the Disney Desk role for example.

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    Re: Disney College Program Application ? - Can any reps help?

    Thank you all for your replies! The websites didn't make it clear that you couldn't apply for both in the same semester, so that is very good to know. I believe I'll be applying for the Disneyland program, mostly because I'd like to end up in California eventually, rather than Florida. The Florida program does have its advantages, though!

    Does anyone have any tips on interviewing for the program or other general thoughts? It's still a month away, but I'm making myself nervous
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