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    Sad Rumor re: Small World Fireworks

    I spoke to an employee today (not a CM, this person does not go on stage.)

    Rumor has it that the Small World pyro display(the extra fireworks from small world,) might not ever occur again. (Last show with pyro was in early Nov.) Why not? Mostly due to winds and tech diffuculties.

    Now they are wondering if they should cancel the addition all together. (Yes, the pyro launching system is still in place, just not used.)

    Remember, this is a rumor and could not be true.

    I happen to be sad about this rumor because I never got to see the Pyro from small world, only witnessed the projections. I think they are needed. (Wind is a real problem this year. )

    What do you all think?

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    Re: Rumor re: Small World Fireworks

    I like pryo anywhere I can get it.
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    Re: Rumor re: Small World Fireworks

    Did not even know they shot off extra fireworks from Small World, saw the projections once. I guess you don't miss what you don't know!
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    Re: Rumor re: Small World Fireworks

    That's really a shame! I think that if they gave it time for word to get out about that viewing spot, they could definitely relieve crowding on Main St/the Hub...
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    Considering the entire fireworks show itself has been cancelled quite a bit lately because of the weather, I'm not surprised they're not focussing much on the Small World fireworks.

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