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    Monorail question?

    Since the Golden Gate Bridge is being torn down, what's gonna happen to the monorail track?

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    Re: Monorail question?

    as far as I heard, it stays. The bridge will be redesigned to look more like those old concrete bridges in downtown LA that you always see in movies and tv commercials making LA look like a cool romantic city instead of a ghetto...ooops, did I say that out loud?

    Something like this maybe?
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    Re: Monorail question?

    The Monorail will be down for several days next week to fully remove the Golden Gate structure. After that, the Monorail will be running with limitations due to construction of Buena Vista Street. It will run with probably just one train most days, and might be subjected to early closuers and/or late openings, until Buena Vista Street is completed.

    During this time, the Golden Gate structure will be replaced with a replica of the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge.

    Here's the original Glendale Hyperion Bridge and the DCA concept art:
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